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Two leading make-up applicators, well-combined in one remarkable beauty product.

The Original Squeegie Blender merges a super sleek latex-free sponge and a super soft HD silicone in one handy make-up accessory!

Gaining advantages of the material combination, acquire a high-class look swiftly.
By not only wasting less of your make-up product due to its mix of sleekness and non-absorbent qualities,
also live out your creativity by discovering all the features that the Squeegie comprises.

Speaking not only about the features,
the Squeegie will create an overall new make-up experience for both make-up enthusiast and professionals.

This new and exciting make-up applicator, with that clever teardrop shape, is coming to in a summer-tuned Hot Pink.

To celebrate our US Release we will add a second color variation to our inventory coming later this summer:
A smokey dark sponge equipped with a sparkling Night Violet silicone cushion readies you for every afterparty.

After you completely submerge the Squeegie into water, squeeze out the excess moisture.

With the foundation, apply to skin using a tipping motion, starting at the center of the face and moving out.

Use the silicone cushion for applying and maximizing your foundation or make-up.

Use the latex-free sponge for blending your foundation to get a more natural, smooth edge.

After using both sides, you will have that full-coverage make-up with a flawless, effortless finish you can’t resist!

Shorty: How to use?

Cleaning the Squeegie is as easy as one, two and three!

Wet the blender and apply a mild soap or make-up shampoo.

Gently squeeze it to remove the excess make-up inside your Squeegie. Repeat until necessary.

Pat it on a clean towel to remove moisture before using it again.

Do this once a week and be sure to replace your Squeegie every three to six months to always get the best result.

Shorty: How to clean?

EU May 12, 2017
US August 11, 2017

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