How to order?
Ordering is as easy as blending with the airblender. Just click on the - Buy Now! Button - on top of the page or open up the hamburger menu if you're using a mobile device and choose your preferred amazon location to get redirected to its listing page. Amazon will handle your complete order and shipment. Also, don't forget to leave review on amazon to help us grow and innovate!
Do you ship internationally?
Our products are only available through the amazon marketplaces in Europe and the United States right now. Check the shipping possibilities on the product listing to find out, whether you're able to order our products.
We apologize to anybody that can't order our products, we're working on it everyday to make it possible to ship worldwide. While doing so, we would also need your help to always review our products on the amazon listing.
Can I get free samples for a review?
Everybody loves samples and collaborations, we in Haminey also do! Just click on the Collaboration Tab and follow the steps and get to know, if you're eligible for a free sample.
I didn’t get my order / I received a damaged order
We’re so sorry about the inconvenience; we’ll do our best to make it up to you! Please contact us on the mail below and we will try to resolve the matter in no time.
What's inside my Squeegie, is it animal-cruelty free?
Thanks for this question, our blenders are made of non-latex sponge and pure silicone! No sweety animals are harmed with our product! For deeper understanding, just send us your questions on the mail below.
Do you offer retailing?
For future or interested retailers, please contact us via mail with an appropriate subject and we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible. But we at Haminey are already very happy to welcome you in our humble growing family.

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